Diane's Michigan Genealogy Talk Details

Diane's Michigan Genealogy
Genealogy Talk Details

  • Gram & Gramps were from Canada eh?
    Point out what is avaliable to the genealogist researching these distant shores. Especially emphasizes resources for the province of Ontario.

  • Scrapbooks: Images of the past
    Scrapbooks are great resources of family data. This talk shows examples and tells what YOU should preserve for future generations. This is NOT scrapbooking.

  • Mistakes Everywhere
    Show examples of mistakes found in vital records, obituaries, census records etc. and discuss ways to try verifying the information.

  • Count Your Census?
    Discuss U.S. and or Canadian census records. Whatís on them, how accurate are they, what is a census year, and lots of other tidbits.

  • The Grave Yard Shift
    Tips on how to find your ancestors burial site. Why bother? What can you find there?

  • Did I Say That?
    Effective query and letter writing tips. Will discuss how best to approach your writing before you put pen to paper. Doís and Doníts to help you get the best results.

  • Sourcing: Now How Do I Do That?
    Talk about what is a source, why you should source and how to source in a way thatís right for you.

  • Where the heck is it anyway?
    Tips on how to organize and store your genealogy papers and notes. Is there a better way?

  • Over Wayne County Way
    Researching in Detroit and Wayne County (MI) can be overwhelming. This presentation gives tips on how to find what you need, where to go or if you need to go there at all.

  • The walls come tumbling down
    Tips on how to chip away at your brick walls and at knocking them down

  • Family Trees - Fact or Fiction?
    What to do with family trees you find on the internet. Do you use their data or discount it out of hand?

    Interested in a subject not listed? Contact me. I'm always working on something new!

    Each talk is 45-60 minutes, includes a hand out and time for questions and answers.

    Equipment Requirements: I need a screen and a table to set up my computer and projector or I can use your equipment if you prefer.
    Travel expense: To be discussed if driving out of the Metro Detroit area.

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